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MUSTANG Bodywear - cool underwear, naturally beautiful.
Authentic. Honest. casual.

MUSTANG Bodywear combines trend with tradition and offers individual underwear for the younger, sporty target group. As a license partner of Mustang Jeans since 2004, we have been developing and distributing a fashionable, sporty collection for women and men, of high quality at an optimal price-performance ratio.

Combination fashion in the lingerie sector?
Well, at MUSTANG Bodywear underwear is not just underwear and homewear is not just homewear. Almost everything is possible here. Our exceptionally designed series include a variety of parts. Can be combined individually, because everything really fits together here. From the comfortable slip to the lovingly made shirt to the casual T-shirt and cool pants - whether long or short.
Not just for underneath or at home: authentic, natural, cool and casual - that's underwear and homewear from our Mustang label.

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